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  • Trust in friendship: the invisible skill that will win you the world

    Once, I went with a friend to help pick up a passport from a guy who needed a visa. The guy was super nervous handing his passport and money to a stranger, and being told that he’ll get a call in a week. No wonder he was nervous–I felt the same the first time I […]

  • How to become talkative, memorable and leave a good impression

    As a kid, I often felt shy. I learned how to become talkative and throughout the process, I discovered that we can also become too talkative to the point where it doesn’t benefit us anymore. It’s a fine line to walk. If you’ve always been dreaming of having awesome friends and leaving a great impression […]

  • How low energy people distract us and how to recover from them

    It can be hard to describe exactly what low energy people are but it’s often easy for us to feel. Do you know that feeling when we meet someone at a party and it feels like they are sucking all the life out of it with their vibe and perhaps even negative complaints? On the […]

  • Long-distance friendships: how to become better friends as the years go by

    Long-distance friendships are friendships between two people that live far away from each other, often in different countries. One of the best things about having friends that live all over the world is that when we are traveling, we can get amazing insider tips on things like attractions and restaurants that only the locals know. […]

  • In-demand jobs abroad I bet you haven’t heard of & how the pros find them

    There are a few traditional industries that tend to offer in-demand jobs abroad depending on where we go, like humanitarian work in Africa, but what if our background and experience don’t fit that or it simply isn’t our thing? Luckily, we don’t have to volunteer if we dream of working abroad. I’ve found that there […]

  • Expat jobs in southeast Asia: the hidden job market

    The demand for expat jobs in Southeast Asia has been on the rise. Some expats come for holidays first and decide to come back for work. Others work at a company at home and are offered an internal transfer to another office abroad, while others like me, ended up there by random chance. Asia has […]

  • Expat contract: are the golden days over and what came instead?

    An expat contract is a binding contract between the company wanting an employee to work abroad in a foreign country and the employee who chooses to do so. Expat contracts are wildly different from how they used to be. I’m sure you’ve heard the myths of bankers or diplomats venturing into the unknown with a […]

  • How to make friends in a new city abroad (without spending years trying)

    I remember the first time I moved across the globe, wondering how to make friends in a new city, if that stuff would work the same way it did at home, and if I could even have fun in English since it isn’t my native language. A few times I found myself going to an […]

  • Kuala Lumpur expat review: live there, don’t holiday

    I’ll never forget the first time we went to see an apartment in KL and asked the guard if the dirt road through the jungle was a good shortcut. ‘Sure’, he said.. ‘But there are snakes!’ Being a Kuala Lumpur expat brought its stories with it. Having never lived in a country with wild snakes […]

  • Friends abroad: when you want a deeper connection

    Having good friends abroad is one of the most important things about expat life. Some of my best friends are people that I met abroad, and they come from different cultures and countries but we’ve somehow figured out that we have a lot in common despite appearing different on the surface.  When talking about friends […]