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  • How to become a silent person (even when you are desperate to talk)

    Do you know the feeling of saying something and later kicking yourself thinking “I shouldn’t have said that… why didn’t I say … instead!?” Look at this comment I found And this one I’ve felt that in some shape or form more times than I can count but after discovering the power of being quiet […]

  • I’m making friends abroad using the CG technique (steal it if you are shy)

    I was terrified.  It turned out that I hadn’t been accepted into my university major although my grades should be way above the minimum requirement during that intake. For the first time in forever that particular intake in that school was flooded with interest. The thought of waiting for the next intake was too much. […]

  • Leaving friends behind and moving: a great opportunity in disguise?

    Before moving abroad for the first time my biggest concern was not the new country, culture, religion or even the university I had to study at. Nor was it the fact that it was halfway across the globe and I’d never been that far away from home before. I was wondering what it would be […]

  • How to make friends in a new country (even if you feel shy)

    You might’ve just moved and are wondering how to make friends in a new country, or maybe you’ve been here for a while and just want to build your network without machine-gunning business cards everywhere. It’s pretty intense, especially at first. A new culture, new language, new neighbourhood and… no friends except that one guy […]